Thursday, July 29, 2004

Which makes me think....working for an agency?

It has always seemed to me that doing business or legal affairs for an agency was not the optimal spot.  Safe, sure, but subject to being a pure second class citizen.  Sort of like always being an associate at a law firm, with no hope of partnership.  Except, a lot of associates become partners.  Not so at an agency.  Except Wayne Kabak, who made the transition to being an agent and now is co-head of the NY office of William Morris.  

Are you old school? Who places your calls...

I just dealt with a business affairs guy from an agency today.  He was for 35 years a biz affairs guy at one of the biggies.  I guess he was dumped from there....but he's a good guy generally.  Smart and decent.  Very old school (literally).   Anyway, what I notice most about the negotiation was how he had all of his e-mails and his calls placed by his assistant.  On some level, this put me off.  It's frankly outdated and kinda oddly archaic.  At the same time, he is such a nice guy, that I kinda think it's just the way he grew up, was SOP at the big agency and he probably doesn't even have a computer at his desk.    I wonder if he calls her an assistant or a secretary.

At my shop, I guess I could ask my assistant to place and take my calls, but I don't think I could even do that.  I actually like that I answer my own phone, but generally (unlike my NBC days) I am not really dodging calls (and the phone has the on-screen caller ID). 

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Great Forms Resource

I think this is the best (free) forms resource on the web.  It's all contracts from top firms that are necessarily attached to corporate filings.  All of the key info is redacted (so if you need to know what the standard home video royalty would be, you're out of luck), but for verbiage, it can't be least you know what the big firms are using these days.  It is especially good in technology contracts, but here's the media section:

If you have any other great resources like this, let me know....

Interviewing Minors - Article

Found this article on on interviewing minors.

Still here...Day 2

I suspect no one knows about this blog yet, but a day after creating it, it still seems like a fine idea to me. Sort of like Google, but far less capitalized.


Friday, July 23, 2004

Networking Sites?

I am a member of and LinkedIN, but not sure if they even are worth the time.  Orkut seems cool since it seems to have some of the key old school dotcom masters of the universe, but I doubt they will connect up with you.  (I used to work at  I did email Jon Battele who ran the Industry Standard and he wrote back. I guess we're now "buddies".

Best Job Sites?

I know many of you are interested in business/legal affairs jobs.   The best site (altho it is mostly west coast) is  I also hear is pretty good, but its a pay site.  Finally, the key is "word of mouth" and networking.  Do you have any other suggested sites? 

Welcome to our first post

Welcome. This is the inaugral post to the business affairs blog.  This blog is dedicated to news, gossip, jobs and other miscelleny on those who consider themselves to be business or legal affairs executives, mostly in the media businesses.  It will also be a resource for lawyers and law students and others related to entertainment law and business. 

It should be fun, but only if you send me your tips.  FYI, this is not a full-time job and the posting will always be sporadic.