Thursday, July 29, 2004

Are you old school? Who places your calls...

I just dealt with a business affairs guy from an agency today.  He was for 35 years a biz affairs guy at one of the biggies.  I guess he was dumped from there....but he's a good guy generally.  Smart and decent.  Very old school (literally).   Anyway, what I notice most about the negotiation was how he had all of his e-mails and his calls placed by his assistant.  On some level, this put me off.  It's frankly outdated and kinda oddly archaic.  At the same time, he is such a nice guy, that I kinda think it's just the way he grew up, was SOP at the big agency and he probably doesn't even have a computer at his desk.    I wonder if he calls her an assistant or a secretary.

At my shop, I guess I could ask my assistant to place and take my calls, but I don't think I could even do that.  I actually like that I answer my own phone, but generally (unlike my NBC days) I am not really dodging calls (and the phone has the on-screen caller ID). 


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